SGS Plants Historic Carolina Fence Garden at Heritage Park

 Encouraging civic plantings and aiding in the project of nature’s plants and birds are two of the Simpsonville Garden Club’s primary goals.  The newly planted Carolina Garden installed at Heritage Park is a giant step towards fulfilling those goals and a wonderful addition to the Simpsonville community.

The  Carolina Fence™ Garden has historic underpinnings in our state. Members of the South Carolina Wildlife Federation W.A.I.T.™ (Wildlife And Industry Together) traveled across the state seeking simple landscape elements that would attract native species. In their handbook, The Greater Greenville Master Gardeners and the Clemson Master Gardeners define the Carolina Fence Garden as follows:

“Utilizing some very basic elements, the Carolina Fence™ incorporates both natural and cultural elements, which have been designated as symbols of our state. The Carolina Fence™ is a landscape component that can be adapted to a variety of settings. The Fence can function as a valuable habitat element while showcasing symbols of natural and cultural history. Most importantly, as a habitat device, the Fence has the ability to attract and support native animal species.

Garden Club Members Judy McGinty and Christine Barnett headed up the project at a site in Heritage Park that had suffered from many years of neglect. First, an old fence had to be removed, as well as older, overgrown shrubs.

A red cedar split fence replaced the old fence and Ms. McGinty and Ms. Barnett planted over 30 perennials native to the area including sedum, echinicea (coneflower), black-eyed Susans, coreopsis, ajuga, sweet woodruff and cardinal flower, to name a few.  All of the plants were selected to attract birds and pollinators.

The Heritage Park project meets all the criteria for certification as The  Carolina Fence™. This on-going project will involve the addition of grasses, shrubs and trees in the Fall.

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